Artist Statement

Artist Statement

In my artwork, there are no permanent images. Although you may find similar imagery or materials in use, every project is completely unique different from the rest. It’s just like water, in the sense that you can use it in many ways: Consumption, Bathing, Spiritual, Sexual, Energy, etc.

Anything can be used as the medium to express an idea, concept, or work of art. For example, you could use plastic fork for lunch, but you could also use a steel fork. On the most basic level, what’s the difference? They are both forks?

There is always a subjective reason when you choose to use imagery & medium. I call this the key. The key could be found in everything and anywhere. It could be any number of things that can influence our perception and needs. Abstract and reality: My personal feeling of the day, size of my jeans, material of my fancy jacket, color of the sky, form of clouds, my favorite OSLO coffee, amount of salad, why I need to eat, what I’m doing now? something I trust, or smell of foot, huge Thanksgiving turkey, earthquake in Japan, my pet cat…etc

I am interested in the diversity and timelines of everything. For instance, I like when I know something is going to be worn out. It reminds me that nothing stands still. Every moment something is changing. Clothes slowly get worn out, food left out over night ripened, people get older, buildings systematically crumble and fall apart. Or it’s raining now but not tomorrow, she is in a bad mood but not tomorrow. Even though we may not see a change in something, to another it is transforming. Diversity of imagery and medium creates the key and in turn is changed by perception, time, and experience.

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