Cows in Soho, Gallery 89, Soho NYC, 8/11/2011



Communication, Benfit Auction, Marianne Boesky Gallery, 24th st Chelsea NYC, 3/24/2011

Cows in the Farm Part II, Saunders Farm, Garrison NY, 9/4/2010

“As a process of this installation, accept what’s there not against. On the other hand show what’s this.”

Painting Jeans, PS1, Long Island City NY, 10/3/2009

Cows in the Farm Part I, Saunders Farm, Garrison NY, 8/30/2008

Hands Project, Tokyo, 2007

As a process of creating things in physical world, hands are located in a very important part and position of the body. We explore and understand space through the use of our hands. When used, our hands discover, define, and affect our perceived realities. 

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