identification frame, Storefront Ten Eyck Gallery, BushWick Brooklyn NY, 5/10/2015

Identification series 1-6, MANA Contemporary, 5/3/2015

Identification Traces, Benefit auction for the Marfan Foundation, 2/26/2015

IMG_1438 copy crop

Identification, The Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation annual auction, 1/13/2015

Blue Denim Pants, MANA Contemporary, 1/11/2015

IMG_1215 copyIMG_1212 copyIMG_1211 copy

Identification fly, Benefit Auction by RHMF, Bosi Contemporary, Lower East Side NYC, 11/13/2014

Identification Shatter, MANA Contemporary, 9/14/2014

IMG_0763 copyIMG_0766 copyIMG_0765 copy

Columns, Saunders Farm, Garrison NY, 8/30/2014

IMG_0090 copyIMG_0082 copyIMG_0097 copy

Group show at Garrison NY 8/30/2014 until 10/31/2014

Link to the show

Identification Front, Back and Capture, MANA Contemporary, 5/10/2014

IMG_0768 copyIMG_0771 copyIMG_0769 copy

Identity Outfit 2014, MANA Contemporary, 1/12/2014

IMG_3988 copyIMG_3991 copy

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